YubiKey OTP miner

A quick Arduino program that helps collect YubiKey OTP tokens.


This code will probably work on any Arduino. I used the Arduino UNO as I had one laying around. I also bought the smallest capacitor I could find at Frys: .1μF 35v. The human body is rated at 100pF capacitance, so I figured something close would help emulate when you touch the token.


I couldn’t find any examples that did this with an Arduino, so I decided to throw one together really quick.


I tuned the program so that it will collect the tokens as fast as possible. If you try to speed it up more, it will overlap with the previous token request. I was able to collect ~1 token per second.


The code for this project can be found here: https://github.com/chris408/yubikey-otp-miner

Video demo

Watch the video